About Fonebitz 

Fonebitz Ltd has been repairing mobile phones since 1993; when phones had Mono Screens, before the Touch Screen / Smart Phone Era, before Infrared / Bluetooth 1.0, before expandable SD Memory Cards.

We Repair & Service all types of mobile phones (Nokia, Motorola, Apple, Samsung, Sony, LG, Huawei & More!!!). We also repair iPods, iPads, Tablets and now introducing PC / Laptop Repairs / Servicing.

We offer NETWORK UNLOCKS so you can use your phone abroad or use a foreign phone in New Zealand.
We can also Unlock Nokia, Motorola, Apple, Samsung, Sony, LG, Huawei & More if you have Forgotten your Password.

Fonebitz has become a renowned provider of Phone Cases & Accessories! We offer anything from Protective Cases to Fashion Statement Cases or even something in between. We have the largest range of cases in Wellington so far, expanding more and more each week!

If your phone / tablet seems to be beyond repair, Fonebitz is an Accredited Insurance Service Centre and we hold a very broad Clent Base found on "Our Clients" Page below.