Terms & Conditions

Here at Fonebitz, we make our Service Agreements simple and easy to understand. The following should answer a few questions you might have.

(1) Proir to inspection of the Device owner has agreed to and read the Disclaimers / Terms & Conditons of Fonebitz Limited

(2) Owner has made sure their information is backed-up before handing their device over for inspection / repair

(3) Fonebitz Limited’s Management, Staff or its Agent are not liable for any devices termination (permanent disable)
due to any pre-existing conditions (e.g. water damage, software / hardware tampering or impact damage)

(4) Fonebitz will always confirm its prices, and get customer consent before repairing any devices

(5 All repaired devices must be paid in full within three (3) months; otherwise the device will kept in lieu of
payment. There is no exception to this unless given prior consent through a formal letter /  Fonebitz management

(6) Fonebitz Limited will provide a ninety (60 days / 2 Months) Manufacturer Warranty on specific repair work done (excluding Water Damaged Devices). This Warranty commences on the date of collection / general reuse of the device

(7) You must retain the payment record and repair report to claim warranty